UPDATE: Here is a map of the neighborhood showing all of the participating households!

Hello, Neighbors!

Be Prepared for Spring Cleaning!  Glenhollow Estates is having a Subdivision-Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, May 20, 2017!

Please contact Adrian Wang (social@glenhollow.com) by Wednesday, May 3rd, to register your participation.

Glenhollow Estates HOA will be responsible for the following:

  • Giving each Participant a Registration Packet & Sign
  • Advertising with:
    • The City of Plano Website
    • The Dallas Morning News
    • Neighbors Go!
    • The Plano Insider
    • Various Facebook garage sale groups
  • Signs placed at both Entrances
  • Balloons for each participating homeowner (to be tied to their yard sign or mailbox)

Every participating Homeowner will be responsible for the following:

  • Getting a garage sale permit from The City of Plano
  • Their own sales
  • Selling only from their garage
  • Placing the garage sale sign in their front yard
  • Cleaning up afterwards;
  • If desired, donating their unsold goods to charity

We will have a charitable truck located on Glenhollow at the end of the day for easy donation of your unsold goods!


Adrian Wang
Glenhollow Estates Social Chair